The Science of Interior Design

I am an Interior designer  with a diverse artistic background.  I have a degree in Fine Arts and Textile design .But I have finally found my niche in Interior Design . Now as a qualified Interior designer .I am very passionate about my work and  view Interior Designing is the artistic as well as scientific way of planning, balancing and synchronizing the interior of a space.

 A well laid plan that creates an environment of aesthetically pleasing design that caters to the needs and requirement of the client or the space ,  whilst keeping in mind the practicality, purposefulness, space planning and the theme of the required project. This also includes designing of architectural interiors and furnishings.

The purpose of interior design is to make create a well-coordinated space that is both practical and relaxing.  The décor and design of a home most definitely reflects the personality of the owner. Therefore I absolutely find it essential to sit with the client, understand their likes and dislikes and design and project according to their personality and their needs.

As a student of psychology in the past, while designing a personal space, like a home or an office. It should be something you feel “at home” and brings a sense of calmness. If comfortable and according to one’s required needs, a  person always functions betterand is more productive in such an environment.

There are some important elements to keep in mind while desiging interiors , that can make or break a space such as , 

Space  which is the foundation of every interior design project . It refers to the raw space of the room , as in the shape , size , length , width , height , windows, doors as well as the architecture of a room such as floors , ceilings , any built in cubby holes , beams , arches and pillars or columns. It defines the expanse, capacity, area and volume of a room.

Form are the  shapes and the outlines of the three dimensional objects that can be both Geometric or natural. Well defined form is responsible for harmonizing the Interior layout.

Light being the most essential element of Interior design, both natural and artificial. It reveals and highlights all the important elements such as Colour, pattern form and lines .It can dramatically change the impact of all these elements.  It also sets the mood and ambience into a living space.

 Colour is what establishes the harmony and aesthetic connection between objects, furnishing and sets the mood, enhances and accentuates the general ambience of the room. It adds character, sets the hue, value and intensity to the living space.

Texture and Patterns are the look and feel of a surface . They add depth, detail and interest to a finish . They also define the feel and appearance of a surface .Textures and patterns can be a lot of things like different fabrics , glass or the woodwork. Textures and patterns can be made from metal, glass, marble, porcelain, concrete, paper, leather etc.

 Furniture  is the functional element of Interior design that brings together a room or the entire feeling of a space. Most importantly it provides the required comfort and functionality. The best utilization of furniture depends on placement and free movement leaving enough space for human flow.

Objects or the accessories are the decor or  the ‘finishing touches ‘, the completion of the design and décor. Objects bring out and accentuates the personality of the client .

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