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Click at dusk !!!!

Gorgeous and Stylish, Gulf Hotel...Evening walk clicks!!!!

View of Bahrain bay from Ras Rumman!!!

Manama Bus Terminus,where journey begins...

Good neighbours , BWTC and Renovating Sheraton

Little laugh indeed

Bahrain map monument at Tubl..

Captured while traveling!!!!!!

Our Lords (LCG) on Friday mornings...

Speedy Click- Side view of Radisson BLU

Amazing Adiliya Avenues....

Brighter evenings are on the way...Manama,at 17:10 ....

Quick click while traveling!!!!!!!

Seef- Region of Architectural wonders!!!!!!!

Click on the way...Clock tower, Exhibition Avenue, Hoora

Clicks on Track..Blossomed marigolds at GTH

Morning clicks from Gudaibya,Palace Avenue

Trees are boon to mankind-Al Hoora area...

Beautiful Apple from Al Hoora Nesto

An other day and an other click!!!!!!!!

The Evening Show!

BWTC,Conrad BFH and Kempinski In one Frame...

3 in 1 .... STC Tower,Westin and City Center

Side view of Intercontinental...

“Ocean of Lights “

Water fountain at the corner of Andalus Garden !!!!!!!

Morning clicks from Andalus Garden Premises,Gudaibya

Whether it’s Nature or Architecture ,beauty is everywhere!!!!!!!

Morning view of Diplomatic Area ?????

Turn a bit, start will get the best...

Way back to Hoora from Central Market

Here’s our Hoora Nesto Round....

Manama Bus Terminal!!!

Morning Clicks!!!!!!!!!

Manama not too far!!!

BWTC through windshield during Rain!!!

Quick click of Seef Mall while traveling!!!

Night time attraction in GTH property!!!!

The Morning Show - Juffair Sky!!!!!

Morning walk Clicks!!!!

Too close to BWTC ....

On the way to Hoora from Central market,Manama ....

Daytime view of Xmas decorations at GTH, Manama

NBB tower view from the bottom!!!

When you fall asleep, don’t worry about sleeping positions.

Not required a pillow if your best friend next to you!!’

I’m from the land of back waters, oh yeh, it’s so nostalgic..

Not a statue dude...believe me it’s a real one

Feeling lonely makes you stronger!!!!!

Red and White all over Happy National Day Bahrain

Hai are you doing??

Side view of our BWTC at night.

Work place wonders

Wind creating Country maps on water logging...

Pouring water during breaks at work place bringing great results!!!

I don’t like clicks

Posing for photo

Best place for Relaxation !!!!

Side view of BWTC

Moringa flowers blooming in my new work station at Hamad Town

Sunshine during Rain,yes its time of Fox’s wedding

Getting closer to capital city

City view,Manama

Cloudy Evening,Manama

City view,Manama

Sunflower never wilt in a single day!!!!

Second click of Bahrain wonder!!!!

Got some close clicks while traveling!!!

Clicks while traveling!!!

On the way to my new location!!!!

Facebook memories, March 1,2015...Bab Al Bahrain at 6:40 AM

Clock Tower,Exhibition Road.

Seconds before sunset!!!!

Discussions, negotiations and sharing new ideas- a meeting going on!!!

Beautiful wall painting near sidewalk at Government Avenue area,Manama

Semicircular blueish wonder at Diplomatic area

It seems someone light up traditional lamp !!!!

Shot from our cricket ground!!!

Bahrain wonder

Beautiful morning Diplomatic area

Looks like 1000 watt bulb on Counter jib!!

Balance practice!!!

Domain the dominant!

Distant view of Diplomatic area!!!!

Let’s go to Manama!!!!!

Chasing Rat under Chassis, but Rat won the title!!!!!

Beautiful rainy evening

Camel Statue located in Diplomatic area

Feels like,Moon and Skyscraper are much closer....

Beautiful Shade on Andalus Garden walkaways....

Welcomes Winter

Beauty of Red and White at Night....

Leader will be always on Top....

An Uninvited Guest just got in my location and stationed on my Security desk.

Sleep mode on right in front of Nesto, Hoora

Sunset has no Comparisons...

BWTC reflects on rain water......

The Moon and lights

Down town- Manama

The Trust Beauty.. One of the Charming construction in island.

Nature's Shade... Coolest ever......

Another day, Another experience...

BWTC looks beautiful through window blinds during sunset.

From Facebook memories

Never get bored with this Nature's Magic...

Getting Closer to Bahrain Wonder...

Shade of Nature

My Village My Pride @Edava, Kerala

Our Lovely Neighbor's !!!!

Back waters merging with Arabian Sea,at Edava,Kerala..

"The Great wall of Nature",at GTH parking, Diplomatic area.

Nature says, social distancing is important, at Edava, Kerala.

Incredible evening

Beauty is not 1000 miles away from you, it's next to you forever.

Beautiful evening - Edava beach, Kerala

Expecting rain my friends, it's cloudy all day.

Alone.. but strong and beautiful

An old picture of Sunrise near Amwaj islands.

Bahrain Bay

Amazing sunset

Sunset view from Diplomatic area


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