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October 2023 winners

U18 winner collects her prize CINECO tickets!

Birthday girl Julia

First injury free run in 2 years

Hull Fair

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Bahraini Desert Dogs in Yorkshire

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Gotcha! Photo by Melvin Brown


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Chaine gang

Eliza Potter

We can have cake! Thank you, Fatima, Gulf Hotels Group!

Short Story Winner’s May 2023

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To power the next generation

Happy birthday Maria - Banbury’s No 1 babe!

Welcome to new GDN Media intern Tamara


Khan you believe it! April 2023 short story contest winners

Beautiful Beverley

Lost teddy on the Bahrain flight to Heathrow

2022/2023 Annual Short Story Winners

Happy birthday Ms Heartbreaker

GDN Media Ramadan Community Appeal

Indian Property Investment Festival 2023 opens in Bahrain

Short story winning entries February 2023

Isa Award for Service to Humanity

January 2023 winners

Out on the town

Up for the Cup!

Ballerina Girl

APM Terminals Bahrain

Short Story Winners December 2022

Until next time

Buyer beware … there are consequences

U18 short story winner!

His Majesty King Hamad - Bahrain National Day 2022

Grandad’s coming soon

November 2022 winners

Working again

Our U18 short story winner Samiya

The beautiful Norwegian Blue owl

Lunch with the Korean ambassador

October 2022 Short Story Winners

Toasting life with the top Toastmasters

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Come along and meet me!

Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World


The Pope arrives

Onam lunch with the Dosa Gang

Lulu anniversary smiles

Spooky and adventurous tales win coveted prizes

Fourth anniversary of the Dosa Club

New outlet

Cineco prize time!

Meeting the crazy class at the Canadian School Bahrain

2021/22 Short Story Prize Winners

Gripping tales win hearts: Short story winners February 2022


St Valentine's Prize Poetry Competition

Destiny … more places should be named after Stan!

Will let you know the results

Is your Christmas tree up in the office?

Shining Star

Video: Manama Singers Christmas Dinner Concert

Say a little prayer

Beautiful Brian V says hello

Pretty picture

Banker and schoolgirl win November's short story contests

Festive modelling

Little Star

The race is still on

Christmas spirit

Office jungle

I prefer grandad

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Video: Eliza

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Special beauty deals

Video: English theatre

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Video: The big race lineup

Dinner with the President

For the love of art

My racing friend Minty

Harmony Jewels opens with smiles at Saar Mall

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JULY entries are still welcomed!

October winners announced

Pumpkin sweetie pie

Chatting to Rotarians about the changing media landscape

Cutest pumpkin in the patch

Missing dog, if anyone Caesar - lettuce know

Happy 2nd birthday Eliza

Friday run

Lulu - enjoying the India-Bahrain 50 fun

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Welcome Brian V


Almost 2 years on - still loves grandad


My little flower

July's Short Story Contest WINNERS

Good luck, son!

Granddad’s comin’!

What a Star!

Bubbles babe

Book delivered to the National Library

Dino love

Amazing Miss Flora

Thai Festival


Video: Imogen and Eliza Magic

Daughter’s rave review

The Drifters West End Show

Flower girl

Ram and Bo on the run in Tubli

Chalk Artist

Summer breeze this morning


VIDEO: Wind power Bahrain-style

Our June winners 2021

It’s coming home

video: It’s coming home

First class

Perfect pout

SOS - shop on sight

Climbing high

It’s coming home

One for old Brits

Video: Hi Granddad

Meeting with BaPDA chairman Aaref Hejres

I’m not on the naughty step

Soft play

Video: Hi Granddad

Goal-den girl

Me and my desert dog

With the coffee king of Amwaj

inky winky


Teenage talent wins coveted prize

On the run

New Bahrain measures to tackle surge in Covid-19

VIDEO: Support our frontline workers

Me and my son

Riding shotgun underneath the ...

Office breakfast - Trainee reporter Amal mum’s recipe!

Plums by the Beach

Flying high

Just what you need for a run in the midday sun

Urgent message

Welcome breeze in the warmth

April's winners announced

VIDEO: Prayers for baby Georgia

Thanks Juzer!

Good morning ????

Write on

World’s greatest football team wins promotion

She’s got grandad’s heart and granddad’s crocks

Never too hot to trot

New hat

Good morning Bahrain

Brave pre-Iftar road run

Smiles that light up the room


Easy rider

Ramadan Kareem

Video: walking back to happiness

RIP Duke of Edinburgh

Sunshine morning run

Video: Easter egg hunt

My Easter Bunny is a cracker!

Let’s get it on ...

Night running

Motown magic

French braids

Blooming lovely

Cooking breakfast for the GDN troops

I love my desert dog

Incredibly cute

Charismatically cute

Consistently cute

Even cuter


Bahrain F1

Run of good fortune

Video: Why do I put myself through this?

2020/21 GDNlife Short Story Annual Winners

Video: F1 back in Bahrain 2021

Going green in the fast lane

0007 Szecowka

The pleasure of dining with Wolfgang Puck

Happy birthday GDN

Pep The Traveller

Up early

Best house warming gift ever

Helping hand

Country girl

February's winners

Handsome mutt



Romantic 2021

Here’s something to mess with your brain

That’s education

Beautiful bird in Sakhir

Video: Little Miss Independence

Wheely good

Winter in Bahrain

Sign up!

Fiction becomes reality ... again

Dog tired

Video: Tap dancing bird

Window watching

Snail mail

Morning run before office duties call

Blank canvas: stunning results, artist Radoslaw Barek

Video: Eliza’s roar


Hop along: VIDEO

Jogging along

VIDEO: Duck and the puppy

GDNlife community campaign

GDNlife Short Story Contest winners for December 2020 named

Thank you

Working again

First run of 2021 after a fat Christmas

Princess ready for 2021

Happy New Year!

3 of the 5 girls I love

Helen knows

Loves her grandad almost as much as her new pram

Playtime with Eliza

Poor Frosty

Playgroup nativity play - meet Mary

Sticky toffee pudding made by Chef Dominic

Celebrating Concorde on four wheels

Be careful

Christmas poetry 2020

Full stop

Love our frontliners

Father Christmas, I hope you're listening!

Short story WINNERS for November

ANSWERS to the Y not have a go quiz

Festive fare

An education

All in the name

Where’s Santa?


Caption competition

ANSWERS TO Thursday's Quiz

VIDEO: Jump!

Cat of the Day

Video: Granddaughter Eliza’s first words: I didn’t

Feeling blue

Guess who managed to chew the inkjet cartridge?

VIDEO: They’ll all be on their phones now ...

Double tap the picture to make all the leaves fall off! Try it!!

Does curry sauce stain? Naaaa, I thought ... so much for Persil

Armistice Day Bahrain 2020, live broadcast today

Answers to Tuesday's quiz

Answers to Monday's Quiz

WIN a racing helmet, shades and more


Answers to Sunday's quiz

Answers to Saturday's quiz


Get voting for Irena!

VIDEO: Dad dancing


Business lunch with our Lulu friends


Walter’s winter look

Eliza’s festive photographic shoot

Bruce knows

Eliza’s first winter boots

Win ... win ... win

RIP Spencer Davis

My little pumpkin

Picture this

Birthday girl

The word

Video: Prepared for the morning

SINGALONG WITH SANTA: Festive thoughts

Taking the lead

VIDEO Could have been a cat ... astrophe

Bite size

Still do

We’ve had our chips

Fair enough

Don’t you just hate it when ....

Thank you for your support

Silent angel

Let’s face it

Did James Bond arrive in Poland in 1964?

Why we love local rags

2020 thoughts

Picture this

Trump and Melania test positive for Covid-19

Positive vibes

Woof woof

Going potty

Smiling grandchild

Can't be mine

Man of peace

Lulu promotion video

Greener times

Innocence, kindness, friendship and humanity

Country girl

Autumn Fair rescheduled

Farewell to a media legend

Spirit of Bahrain - love this painting

Legs 11

Kim's Facebook protest

Helping hand

My pumpkin

Habits that drain your energy

3km run in the sun

Alien-face hugger mask

Celebrating with Uncle Stan

GDNLIFE short story winners for August

First customer back at crust & crema!

First shoes

Quote of the day

Bahrain’s back for a coffee break!

What do you see?

Point of view

Good morning

Waiting game

Beam me up!

Wearable battery-operated air filters soon on sale

Fat chance

Mental measure

Break a leg!

F1 double header in Bahrain

Testing times

Too late

Happiness rules

Gandhi's glasses snapped up!

My new buddy

Dancing in the rain scholarship

Sign of the times

You Know You're Having a Bad Day When ...

Ram raid!

Can you find seven people and a cat?

I’m a Believer